Local Council Solution


Local Council Solution

There may be other partner programs out there – but you won’t find one that’s more rewarding. That’s because we see things from a unique perspective: yours.

  • Real-time Ingestion
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Governance
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Cost-Effective
  • Data Catalog

License/Permit Module

Comprehensive introduction to the algorithmic and theoretical foundations of data stream processing.

Tax & Accounting Module

Cloud storage is a way of storing and sharing data. We gives you
15GB free of charge.

Parking & Enforcement Module

We Offer server security focuses on the protection of data and resources held on the servers.

Property Module

Improve data science productivity by making data discovery easier with data exploration.

Compound Module

NeroMax offers Cloud Integration and Migration Services for enterprise and public sector customers.

Counter & Kiosk Module

The decision support database (Data Warehouse) is maintained separately from the operational database.